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Play daily fantasy sports and win real cash

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Available sports

  • FanSports AFLAFL
  • FanSports NRLNRL
  • FanSports GolfPGA

How to play

Choose a league

Choose a league

Find and enter a contest from the lobby.
No season long commitment.

Pick your team

Choose a league

Select your team from the available players.
Stay under the salary cap.

Win real cash

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Watch the contest live and when your team positions well, you win... Real cash!

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports is just like fantasy sports comps you already play.
Except way more AWESOME!

  • Play for real money
  • Pick your team in minutes
  • Contests last just 1 day
  • No drawn out season-long commitments
  • Instant payouts as soon as the contest has ended
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